Rocky Meets Patton Meets The Godfather

Rocky poster

1976, United Artists

I have one more comment about The Formula (1980). Its director John Avildsen also directed Rocky and Karate Kid.  All three movies center around an underdog upstart who takes on the establishment.  In Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion takes on Apollo Creed. In Karate Kid, the scrawny kid from Newark takes on the rich punks in Encino, CA. In The Formula, the stalwart police detective (George C. Scott, who also famously portrayed Patton) takes on Big Oil, represented by Marlon Brando, who many people know as “The Godfather.”

This theme is just as popular today as when the movie first came out three decades ago.

Side note #1: Karate Kid is also an energy movie, so check back in for more.

Side note #2: The Academy Award for Best Actor has been refused only twice: once by George C. Scott and once by Marlon Brando. It’s an interesting coincidence that they were paired up for this movie.

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