Quantum of Solace: An Energy and Water Film

QUANTUM OF SOLACE2008, MGM & Columbia Pictures

2008, MGM & Columbia Pictures

Quantum of Solace (2008) is both an energy film and a water film.

Oil makes an appearance when the CIA makes a deal with the bad guys to keep Bolivian oil flowing to the USA.  Keep in mind that in 2008 our oil imports and oil prices were at or near record highs, and the national security concerns about maintaining a steady supply of oil were very real. Thus, the idea that the USA would make a covert deal on behalf of oil seemed plausible.

While the movie portrays oil as a resource worth worrying over, it is water that ends up being the star of the show.  The main plot element involves villains seeking to monopolize the water supply for Bolivia as a way to maintain control over the country.

Bond ultimately prevails, or course, and, to get his revenge, he abandons the bad guy in the middle of the desert with nothing but a can of engine oil – posing a challenge of how far he could make it before giving into thirst and drinking the oil. The villain was found dead with the oil in his stomach.

It’s as if the movie is trying to tell us that while we think oil is valuable, ultimately water is what we really need to survive. And on that point, Bond is right again.

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