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Hoovervilles and Poverty in Seabiscuit

seabiscuit movie powers

In terms of energy themes, Seabiscuit (2003) focuses on cars displacing horses in the transportation sector.  However, poverty and the capability for self-renewal show up as recurring themes, too. One scene, just 15 minutes in, features the archetypal image of … Read More

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Holes Is A Water (and Energy) Movie

holes poster

I happened to watch Holes (2003) with my family, and I remember how popular the film was when released. Among other notable elements, this movie was the screen debut for Shia LaBeouf. The movie’s entire plot revolves around water. In … Read More

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Hydropower for Medieval Torture in The Princess Bride

1987, 20th Century Fox

In my opinion, The Princess Bride (1987) is one of the funniest movies of all time.  And, it’s an energy movie!  In a classic scene, Westley the Farm Boy is tortured in the Pit of Despair, which looks like a … Read More

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A Divergent View of Our Energy Future

2014, Summit Entertainment

I went with my 14-year old daughter to see Divergent (2014). It turns out she wasn’t the only teenage girl there watching the movie, which attracts a similar demographic as Hunger Games (2012), which the blog earlier noted is a … Read More

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Energy and Water Save Mr. Banks

2013, Walt Disney Studios

I watched Saving Mr. Banks (2013), the touching movie about the creative conflict between Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), with my family over the holidays. A few energy and water references merit sharing. … Read More

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Water and Poverty in the Movies


One more comment on Louisiana Story… as I’ve noted before, images of women either washing clothes by hand without piped water and/or carrying buckets of water appear to be the international symbols for poverty. The movie Louisiana Story (1948), which captures some … Read More

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1946 Shallow Water Oil Production in Louisiana

1953, Universal Pictures

Following up the last post, I think it’s interesting that Louisiana Story (1948) and Thunder Bay (1953) are both about shallow water oil production in 1946 Louisiana.   Louisiana Story was made in 1946 but released two years later, whereas Thunder … Read More

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Climate Change and Beasts of the Southern Wild


As mentioned in an earlier post, energy and water are connected.  Climate change (induced mostly by the energy sector) makes this connection all the more apparent since global warming manifests itself primarily through distortions to the global water cycle, making … Read More

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Hunger Games is a Hydroelectric Movie, Too

2012, Lionsgate

Following on our Jennifer Lawrence Oscar nominee theme, here’s a follow up to my earlier post regarding The Hunger Games.  While The Hunger Games (2012) is primarily a coal movie because of the imagery from district 12 (a coal mining … Read More

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Hunger Games is a Coal Movie

2012, Lionsgate

With Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Silver Linings Playbook, it seems like an appropriate time to highlight the energy content of her other big 2012 hit The Hunger Games.  It’s a coal movie.  … Read More

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Quantum of Solace: An Energy and Water Film

2008, MGM & Columbia Pictures

Quantum of Solace (2008) is both an energy film and a water film. Oil makes an appearance when the CIA makes a deal with the bad guys to keep Bolivian oil flowing to the USA.  Keep in mind that in … Read More

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Skyfall: NOT an energy movie

Skyfall Poster 2012

While Skyfall (2012) is many things—a fun movie, a Bond thriller, and a blockbuster—it is not an energy movie. But, for me, it does raise the question of which Bond movies have energy or resource themes.  And, in spirit of … Read More

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