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Goldeneye’s Energy Weapons

goldeneye poster

Returning to an earlier theme of energy in James Bond movies, I was surprised to see a few elements in Goldeneye (1995). That movie was notable for a few reasons: it was the first Bond film made after the disintegration … Read More

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Time Bandits, Evil, and Nuclear Mastery

time bandits poster

For some reason sometimes I get into a streak of 1980s movies. I watched Back to the Future (1985) , The Goonies(1985), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1985), and Time Bandits (1981) all in pretty quick succession. Time Bandits is … Read More

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Temporal Confusion in the Captain America: The First Avenger

2011, Paramount

This post takes a different turn from others on this blog. I want to explore something Dr. Webber mentioned during his SXSWedu panel last month.  When looking at movies as historical documents, it’s important to keep in mind that their … Read More

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Binging on Energy: House of Cards, Season 2

House of Cards

Although this is a movie-oriented blog, I can’t help but feature some online television, since it’s relevant to energy and media today. The highly anticipated second season of House of Cards returned to Netflix on February 14, 2014, with no … Read More

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Hitchcock’s Notorious Take on Atomic Energy

Notorious poster

Those who aren’t film students might not know the definition of “MacGuffin”.  In the cinematic world, a “MacGuffin” is the particular narrative element that drives a narrative. It is pertains very little to the story, but without it there would … Read More

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Oil Man 3: Using Technology To Solve our Addiction

ironman 3

I watched Iron Man 3 (2013) with my son, and we both enjoyed it.  While the original Iron Man (2008) and The Avengers (2012) were nuclear movies (see the earlier post here), Iron Man 3 surprised me by including oil as … Read More

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Man of Steel: A Super Energy Movie

2013, Warner Bros.

I didn’t expect Man of Steel (2013)–the latest in the decades-long Superman franchise–to be an energy movie. But it had several key energy components throughout the movie. Themes related to “Peak Oil” were mentioned twice. In the opening scene, Clark … Read More

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Turbo: The Snail Racing Energy Movie

2013, Twentieth Century Fox

My 7-year old son is thrilled with the trailers of Turbo (2013), set for release in July. It’s a racing movie about an underdog snail, nicknamed Turbo, who has unlikely dreams of being fast.  Though the trailers only reveal some … Read More

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Nuclear Energy and The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt for Red October Poster 1990

The James Bond tribute at the Oscars got me thinking again about the different ways energy has appeared in Bond films (see my earlier posts here, here, and here), and subsequently, the archetypal Bond Sean Connery. One non-Bond Sean Connery … Read More

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The Avengers and Nuclear Power

The Avengers
2012, Walt Disney Studios

Sticking to a theme of Oscar movies that have energy in them, I thought I would quickly mention a few things from the Avengers (2012). The most prominent energy angle is the recurring appearance of nuclearesque energy throughout the movie.  … Read More

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James Bond Saves the World from an Oil Crisis

1983, Warner Bros.

In Never Say Never Again (1983) Sean Connery makes his triumphant return to the role he made famous (or was it the role that made him famous?) in a self-parody about coming out of retirement to save the day.  What … Read More

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