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Nuclear Energy and The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt for Red October Poster 1990

The James Bond tribute at the Oscars got me thinking again about the different ways energy has appeared in Bond films (see my earlier posts here, here, and here), and subsequently, the archetypal Bond Sean Connery. One non-Bond Sean Connery … Read More

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James Bond Saves the World from an Oil Crisis

1983, Warner Bros.

In Never Say Never Again (1983) Sean Connery makes his triumphant return to the role he made famous (or was it the role that made him famous?) in a self-parody about coming out of retirement to save the day.  What … Read More

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Skyfall: NOT an energy movie

Skyfall Poster 2012

While Skyfall (2012) is many things—a fun movie, a Bond thriller, and a blockbuster—it is not an energy movie. But, for me, it does raise the question of which Bond movies have energy or resource themes.  And, in spirit of … Read More

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