1946 Shallow Water Oil Production in Louisiana

THUNDER BAY1953, Universal Pictures

1953, Universal Pictures

Following up the last post, I think it’s interesting that Louisiana Story (1948) and Thunder Bay (1953) are both about shallow water oil production in 1946 Louisiana.   Louisiana Story was made in 1946 but released two years later, whereas Thunder Bay was made a half-decade or so later starring Jimmy Stewart.

Both have similar themes, such as a clash of cultures between oilmen and fisherman, both have a blowout, and both involve wildcatters.  They are an interesting side-by-side comparison, which reminds me of Giant (1956) and Written on the Wind (1956) (another pair of movies worth comparing). They are both about oil production in Texas and were both released in 1956 starring Rock Hudson.  We’ll post about all of these films in coming weeks.

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