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Water and Poverty in the Movies


One more comment on Louisiana Story… as I’ve noted before, images of women either washing clothes by hand without piped water and/or carrying buckets of water appear to be the international symbols for poverty. The movie Louisiana Story (1948), which captures some … Read More

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1946 Shallow Water Oil Production in Louisiana

1953, Universal Pictures

Following up the last post, I think it’s interesting that Louisiana Story (1948) and Thunder Bay (1953) are both about shallow water oil production in 1946 Louisiana.   Louisiana Story was made in 1946 but released two years later, whereas Thunder … Read More

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Where Oil, Water and Cajuns Mix: Louisiana Story


The Louisiana bayou setting in Beasts of the Southern Wild reminds me of a 1948 film, Louisiana Story.  This movie is fascinating for a few reasons.  And, despite its quirks, I really like it. The black-and-white movie is almost entirely … Read More

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